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  • Matthew Crocco

One Winter

A normal winter day-

The chilly breeze fills the empty air.

I can feel the lack of sleep run through my veins as I stumble into school like a drunk after a night out- part of the daily routine.

A normal winter day-

I drag myself into dunkin donuts.

The favorite part of the day.

I am a baby getting tickled, belly laughing at the jokes made by my team.

That same iced caramel coffee,

fueling me for my endeavors.

I hold it close, for it powers me.

A normal winter day-

The north gym.

A place where sweat and tears are churned.

The squeak of my sneakers, the skip of a jump rope- two hours of hell at the time.

Home for the night, repeat tomorrow.

I sit today- a mask grabbing my face like a small child to their mother’s hand.

Coming home to stare at blank walls.

I long for it-

Iced caramel coffee and the north gym.

I long for it-

A normal winter day.

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