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  • Steven Mora

New Era Out of the Abyss

If I asked him to drown I know I would.

If I asked him to float I know I would.

But at best an evolution can simmer the confusions.

And at least a revolution can simmer the delusions.

In the past he ran away from me.

I have him stuttering, instead of him controlling me.

I’m getting a premonition of his future with an evil stare.

He was free like a bird and I wanted to fly too.

If he asked me to drown I know he would.

If he asked me to float I know he would.

Let guilt rest with the soaring wind of conclusion.

When I answer the restoring mind of profusion.

In the present, I know him and he sat by me.

We both sang our regrets and accepted it into the abyss.

I’m getting to know him as he knows me.

He was my soul and I was his mind.

Inner collusion, both weak and strong.

My vintage era is long gone, in the deepest of oceans.

Found myself in the dark abyss.

It was horrific and beautiful.

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