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  • Sarah Tobin

My Favorite Song

While comfort is often found simply in the arms of lovers,

mine has been found in the sound of his heart

throbbing through his chest

guarded by the bones which protect our precious breaths.

His murmur is a symphony sung by angels

wrapped in the woven skin of one who will never comprehend

the beauty of his beat the way I do.

One who will never hear for himself.

The song which his body sings by force of nature.

His mind will never dance to it the way mine can.

He will never hear for himself the song he sings

Through the pulse of his heart.

Louder than the angels, louder than the Sirens of Greece,

Louder than a church choir praising how beautiful

something so unseen can be.

Something so unnoticed,

it is music to me.

And you can only hear it

if he allows you close enough to hear his heartbeat.

And my God,

this will always be my favorite melody.

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