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  • Brady Mondry


One quick kick, and down I go.

Tumbling further and further away from

your light.

My reaching hands give up,

as I enter free-fall.

As light becomes dark,

I notice a change.

Why did you drop me?


Why didn't you catch me?

As I see your gates close on me,

I accept a change.

A fall into nothingness


a flight into the unknown.

Perhaps a flight that will

never en-

With a loud crash, I hit

the bottom.

I feel a cold I had only ever tasted in shivers.

Covered in the snow of the deep,

I rise.

The ice supports me as I stand and look up

at you-

The tears I cried freeze into a crowned

mask resting on my face.

Tears I'll never shed again.

As I look up at you for the last time,

I embrace the change.

The sorrow-filled grimace of a child


the confident cackle of a King.

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