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  • Riley Turner

If We Had Been Blessed With Normalcy

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well” -Alfred Adler

If we had been blessed with normalcy,

each day would be monotonous,

stale like the waves of a stagnant ocean.

Our voices hushed speechless

with nothing more than the consonant rhythm of our heartbeats.

If we had been blessed with normalcy,

it would not be strange to emulate,

maybe even impersonate,

or dare to replicate

the exact tidelines painting the delicate spray of leftover currents.

If we had been blessed with normalcy,

we would know everything without searching,

our thoughts identical.

No need to inquire or challenge

even the smallest ripples of white foam.

Instead we have been cursed with absurdity,

a dive into the brine of deep waters will guarantee

that there is no perfect swell of salty surf,

only uncertain undertows in an anomalous verse.

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