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  • Sergio Gomez

The Ear Of The Heart

Your stethoscopes, ECGs, LifePaks, nor any

of your monitors can read for this.

A frequency so subtle, so steady.

You can try to measure, calculate, approximate,

only to find failure.

Failure for your lack of feeling.

You can't fake nature.

You can't grow an artificial limb.

Who knows if you'll ever be heard

if you try to.

We know what we want to hear, but

the facade on wheels wants to be heard.

You can hear it all you want,

but will you listen?

Blame the speaker, not the audience.

You can't help what you listen to.

Water never asked to be a conductor,

and you never asked to generate electricity.

It's a little hard to breathe

when you wear that mask so tight.

So please, let your heart beat and breathe.

Your primal voice is music to my ear.

And I'm listening loud and clear.

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