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  • Sergio Gomez


A lake centered in a forest

streaming wherever and whenever.

What's fallen in or settled at the bottom, you'll

never know

After all, it's in the middle of a forest

Squirrels scampering past on the forest floor.

Birds in the sky, flying from afar, eager to land

in their nest.

Perched in a tree. The tree home to many.

Populated with ants, termites, owls and more.

Living in harmony, untouched and unbothered.

The raining of clouds, routinely washing over all,

minding no business.

None safe, save for the groundhog, in his

subterranean burrow.

With the time for the overcast and rain through,

the cycle carries on,

no say in when or why, but leaving behind it

fresher air.

Ripples often populate the lake, riddling the


Minding the business of the forest and its

creatures, as well as the rain.

Though it always returns to a state of still, even


Forever, maybe not, but eventually will it find

itself at the center of things, perfectly still.

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