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  • Karina Lew

A Story Untold: Narcissus

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

so why can’t I find mine?

I was cursed, by that witch.

She fell in love,

with someone who couldn’t even love himself.

How can one love another without self-love?

I search the depths of the lake,

for empty praises and promises.

I’m entranced by my own flaws,

can’t see how time is running out.

Starting with the eyes,

the window into the soul.

All I see are two black stones looking back at me,

taunting me like I'm a child.

My lips are full, too full as they devour my mouth,

just as they devour the compliment given to me.

My jaw is sharp and cutting like the voice

telling me my flaws.

My face is not beautiful and yet I can’t look away.

My name went down as the meaning of loving oneself,

they couldn’t be more wrong.

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