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  • Cali Sullivan

Mothers Love

Wings span from

hemisphere to hemisphere.

The Eagle’s gentle

feathers swiftly shielding

the surface from the sun’s

scorching blaze.

Tender and warm,

she ensures the safety of her beloveds.

Protecting life,

from evergreen trees

to the growing man,

her gentle blanket of

radiant feathers soothing her children,

her coo of love

gently overcasts them

as a beautiful breeze.

As she begins to

grow old and frail,

one of her delicate and vibrant wings

loses its motherly motion.

Unable to shield

her world from the

dangers of the blistering and

unfair sun,

the Eagle above the clouds

solely uses her lone,

determined wing

to continue to preserve

and protect the Earth

she has been sheltering

for eons.

Moving hurriedly from


to hemisphere,

the Mother,

though injured and weak,

sore and tired,

brittle and ached,

still obtains the same

immense love she

had for her lively children,

watching them prosper,

glistening in her radiant hazel


Her endurance,

and sacrifice

deemed her the God

she truly is to the ungrateful

souls she protects,

despite their

unwillingness to return to her

the care she selflessly provides.

As the moon ascends in the sky,

the symbol of her

wings covering the

uncomfortable sun,

they sit in patience for

the dreadful morning sunlight

to come.

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