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  • Salmaan Ejaz

The Bear

I can feel you Feel you standing in my meadow A meadow of sorrow Where dreams and lost toys go to rest Where the light shouldn't shine Where you shouldn't be I slept once And felt your presence Saw where you shouldn't be Saw you threatened by the mechanisms of your own failure Saw your frightened expression, as if your entire world came crashing down and the only one who truly understood it was me But I didn't do anything then Couldn't, as I was held behind my own fear Fear of my world changing, fear of what you could do A great black bear, trapped in a bear trap I saw it while hiking across the forests of my dreams Its obsidian black fur shining in the sun Its large ears wiggling in response to my movement I watched as its crimson red blood flowed from its left leg, which was about severed I can vividly describe the face it looked at me with Disbelief, Anger, Desperation All of these things came crashing down on me Personified by the glare of this bear A trapped and afraid animal One created by my subconscious thoughts And again I had the same dream But, when it looked at me I began to sing Sing as I've never sung in my life A noise coming from my mouth I was sure wasn't my voice Louder than a lion's roar Softer than a cat's purr The most beautiful voice I have never heard in my life But why Why do I sing for this bear Why am I comforting this bear What does this bear mean to me? What has this bear done for me Why does it keep showing up in my dreams Why does it show up in my meadow of sorrows? Where it shouldn't be Where my dreams and cherished things went to die? Is my mind trying to tell me something Is there something I should know Something it's trying to tell me? Something I should have done Something I could've done Should I have helped the bear? Stopped it from bleeding out in my dreams And entering my meadow of sorrow? And now I'm here Standing across from it In my meadow of sorrows And it's smiling Happy to see me As if everything is okay When nothing is Nothing can ever be okay Not anymore At least not as the way things were I should've known That leaving you for all this long was the reason for your death I'm sorry... R.I.P Grandpa [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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