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  • Matt Haddock

Superman the Ride

The chains rattle as we make our slow ascent.

The excitement builds as our cart

reaches up, up, and away until,

we fly down the track.

Swooping left, right and traveling in a loop-de-loop.

We glide smoothly through the air until

We feel flung forward as we are pulled by the breaks,

Signaling the end of our ride.

We reach the station and reluctantly accept

That another hour long line is waiting for us

If we decide to come back.

The release sound of our safety belts is heard,

But nothing happens.

The announcer tells us that

The maintenance man is on his way.

For the time being, we are stuck in our seats.

Fifteen minutes into our entrapment,

My legs begin to go numb

as we hang over the ground below us.

My knee starts to itch,

But my hand cannot reach it.

Sunburn on the back of my neck starts to ache.

I yell to my friend in front of me,

With her cartoon pizza socks

How's it hanging.

She was not amused by my attempt to lighten the mood.


with an exceptionally satisfying click,

We are released from our foam shackles.

Fresh off the succulent taste of freedom,

my friends and I regroup and decide that

It's time for a break from rollercoasters.

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