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  • Hailey Khatchatourian

Hacienda 11

The room key enters the lock on the door

A bright green light flashes

The hinges unlock

The door opens and a cool breeze knocks into me

In the dimly lit bathroom

A pink bikini hangs

Dripping icy water into a makeup bag

Piles of sand lay over the cold tiles

Leaving a trail to the other half of the room

Three opened suitcases, clothes piling out of them

Shirts, dresses, bathing suits sprawled out across the floor

Two queen sized beds stand next to each other

Covered with large colorful blankets and multiple fluffy pillows

In the corner a tiny couch

One small blanket and pillow

What was I thinking when I agreed to sleep on this couch? I never end up sleeping. Next year I’ll be sure not to make the same mistake

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