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  • Liora Hyman

The Generation of Today

I can't understand our generation

We love to talk,

talking is our forte-

but not in person.

We love to party,

party all night long-

but only if there's booze.

Drunk driving, drunken decisions, drunken death,

always high above the ground,

feeling like we can fly

until we realize we don't have wings,

and die.

We are the broken generation.

The Generation of Today.

We are always high

high on drugs, high on life-

it's high time that changed.

We are obsessed with the obsolete.

Appearances on the outside are everything,

hollow bodies, hollow brains,

gold jewelry on ivory skin

fake bright colors hiding dark, boring hair

layers of creams and cover ups creating false identities

false impressions

false eyelashes blinking away emotions

Designer clothing covering the scars.

Appearances on camera are everything.

Pounds are photoshopped away,

camera lenses cloud your vision

so everyone is "beautiful".

People are fake,

and we drink it up

with the alcohol in a fuzzy haze

allowing ourselves to be the broken generation.

The Generation of Today.

Social Media eliminates being social.

We hole up in our rooms

half asleep posting yesterday’s vegan frappe which we knew tasted disgusting,

and today’s outfit of the day we didn’t actually go out in.

We live in the internet, a computer attached to us by a USB

but we don't need 2 computers.

We have a brain, yet we don't use it.

A person can ask us out and tear us down behind a portable screen,

with suggestion words scrolling along the bottom

like a conversation generator.

Do people speak? No.

Do people sing? Don't you dare!

Laryngitis is almost a thing of the past, nobody speaks anymore.

The call button is never used

no matter how long we've had the phone.

When we're hungry, we complain

tired, complain

bored, complain

and desperately wait for likes and followers.

We are soft,

we are weak,

we are the broken generation.

The Generation of Today.

We use our families as punching bags and never say thank you.

Siblings are torture

and parents are worse,

grandparents are gift givers reduced to a given.

What happened to loving sisters caring brothers?

Proud parents of their life's work?

Grandparents pinching cheeks?

It's all for granted,

"all for nothing"

all for the cameras, all for the media.

We are anorexic and obese

If we are skinny, we are normal

if we are normal, we are fat

and if we are fat, we aren't popular.


Why does it kill us?

We are taught by society that fat hearts are bad.

Fingers are for gagging not for intertwining.

Food is horrible,

pills are our friends-

until we choke-

or worse.

Razors are for slicing wrists

not shaving no longer.

Ropes are for dying,

not climbing or fun.

We are broken inside.

The broken generation.

The Generation of Today.

What is fun anymore?

I wouldn't know, ask the parents

but they're just as horrible.

When the child complains, give them ice cream

or the iPad

or the phone.

Teach them to multitask at the wheel,

not watch for passerby, or stop at stop signs

love them only for 100s and A+s not for trying their best.

Force them to be a money-cow, to never strive to be anything shy of a doctor or a lawyer, an accountant or a banker.

Music is impractical

art is a thing of the past

you don't have money, you're not happy.

Morals are changing

people are changing

and the generations to come are doomed

doomed by the world they will become part of,

by the Generation of Today.

We're told to be ourselves,

that you should be you, because everyone else is already taken.

But every time we open ourselves, we just get knocked down, pushed away.

Who wants to talk to the nerd?

Who wants to talk to the gay one?

The bisexual one?

Everyone assumes you're straight unless you say something,

and they assume that it's a choice-

that when you "come out of the closet" you chose to be that way

but that's not true either.

We can explain-

and we can yell-

and we can march-

and we can pray-

and we can love-

But there's always someone who'll knock you down-

shred your dignity to






s and spit you out-

left alone in the dark.

Might as well crawl back into that darkened closet

because in our generation, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will kill you.

Why do we let this be our way?

The Generation of Today.

When does it end?

When their parents become 15 and homeless?

When their parents become alcoholics and druggies?

When they follow in their families' footsteps

and are trapped?

We have polluted the minds of the youth

polluted the air we breath

with machines that manufacture our poisons, our pleasures and our pain.

We have corrupted our society with labels

corrupted the people we surround ourselves with

and they have corrupted us.

The people who are blessed with a bright future and loving environment? They are the lucky.

They love their lives, live them right.

They are the few.

And the hope.

But not everyone is so lucky

to be spared from the broken generation-

The Generation of Today.

What have we done?

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