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  • Josh Friedman

Riches to Rags

Walk 2 blocks,

luxurious penthouses, 5-star restaurants, riches.

2 more blocks

motels, bodegas, poverty.

Hook a right,

but there’s nothing left.

Graffiti, crime, hope

vanished in the thick air

like the last words of a loved one.

The city composed of mystery.

Built from steel,

the concrete jungle arises to huge masses,

but sinks the lives of many under its strong roots.

Sun rises, train zombies creep up

from the underground terminal.

Sun sets, everyone’s still vigorously hard at work.

It’s a grind few can maintain.

Survive and you’re set for life.

Fail and you’ll find yourself sprawled across 5th and Madison hoping to never

confront the man who did the job you could never do.

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