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  • Christopher Bias


I am tough,

withstanding anything I encounter,

from the most delicate snowflake

To the heaviest of all mac trucks.

I am the hardest worker of all.

I get stepped on and run over

by dozens of insensitive dog walkers.

You should watch where you’re going

when you pass the rotting carcass of a blue jay,

and the scattered cigarette butts belonging to a Vietnam Veteran.

Don’t trip or I’ll scar you for life

with my irregular shaped fragments of gravel

And pieces of a shattered glass bottle.

I am not the prettiest nor am I perfect,

with the cracks and potholes in my skin that nobody sees.

I might force you to get a new tire.

I can only hope I can be in a jam,

but right now I'm stuck

playing hopscotch.

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