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  • Cristian Bonilla

The Lonely Bull

I am strong like a bull

lost in an open field

not knowing what direction to take

my father unknown.

As a calf at only three years old

I watched my mother cow cross a river

into an unknown field she went

said to be filled with freedom.

I was a lonely calf

left in a world, wild and scary, like a nightmare

left to be raised and educated by my grandma cow

life was becoming normal.

At the age of 6 with a smile so bright

my father bull came crashing through

father bull was the sun

giving the light I lacked in life.

Suddenly it dawned on me

to roam and cross that same river mother cow had crossed

the calf I was, became an avalanche that devoured anything standing in its way

to enter the land of opportunity with no boundaries.

As free as a bird but without a clue

I began my new journey

lost once again in a new open field

here I stand, exploring this new field.

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