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  • Michael Morck

The Man in the Field

I follow him through the field like all the other boys.

He tells us what we should and shouldn’t do.

The Man is very strange, you never know what he’s up to.

Sometimes he gives us treats like candy or toys.

Other times he’s mean and beats us just to make noise.

It’s not all bad following The Man, the treats are nice and I have a purpose.

I follow the man because one day I’ll reach a new field where sweets run like rivers and

no one has to be beat.

The Man seems to have his favorites on this long journey.

The ones he seems to never beat.

The ones who always seem to be getting the treats.

The ones who have never seen what a monster The Man can be.

I am not one of those boys.

I am one of the boys The Man is always despising.

The boys The Man wishes would just stop realizing,

that there is a future beyond his kick and his taunts.

His yells and his gaunt.

His whip and his chain.

Not all of us will make it to the new field.

The Man is cruel and we boys are not men.

Some of us fall.

Others stop from the pain.

I choose to keep going because though The Man may be cruel,

I have a purpose and The Man can’t beat that out of me.

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