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Waiting for the food to cool

The heater in Jacob’s house broke a few days ago. It's not too bad, the winter hasn't fully set in yet; but still it was chilly in there. Kathrine took this as an opportunity to invite him over for dinner, her house had heat. Her den was cozy and warm, and illuminated by a fireplace and the Christmas decorations. It was his second time here, and it felt a little more comfortable than the last time.

“I'm gonna heat up some spring rolls, you want some?” she threw over her shoulder as she went to the fridge. He loves spring rolls, he told her so in the car the other day.

He took off his jacket and hung it on the back of a chair as he replied with a “you know it,” sliding past her to grab drinks and return to the table.

She put her hand on his shoulder as she walked past with the food. The plate was steaming, but her hand felt warmer.

“Wait a second before you start eating” she warned, “you’ll burn your mouth”

He could tell, he could feel the heat rising off the food, and he couldn’t hold it for too long before burning his hand.

“I don't know if I can,” he said playfully, “I’m a hungry fella.”

She smiled as she sat across the small table. As much as he was joking, the smell was making his mouth water. But it wasn’t hard to wait, he lost track of time when she spoke.



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