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  • Chris Ramirez

Today, and Tomorrow

I drew, today, the messiest doodle.

Looking at the distilled water

That I strive to become.

I may not say “thank you” today but

I’ll be sure to remember tomorrow.

I try drawing again, and again

Trying to change, wishing to be

who I want to be.

Instead I used perfumes concealing what I’m afraid to show.

Instead I forgot to say thank you for another 2 weeks.

I started to forget my importance, my voice now sore.

Sore that I allowed myself to become this dull.

They don’t understand me, nor do I understand my confusing soul.

I’ve became weeds and grass

trying to bloom and grow into a wonderful soul

but I am simply a pest.

Complicated and rich soil give me nutrients

best to confuse the average family or friend and question my choices.

I’m living and I’m learning.

I’m living to become just as important as that

ladybug or the distilled water that I’ve observed on the floor.

Consider everything as a god, constantly growing and learning.

Only then I will feel my voice coming back.



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