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  • Aidan Wallace

Time Trap

It was a long week.

Almost like the smiling sun

never wanted to rest.

It felt like time stopped

and began to tick backwards.

For you, and for me

time treats us differently.

I create distractions,

trying to pass time.

But for what reason I wonder?

Am I happy?

Am I still waiting for something?

Am I waiting for someone?

I’m stuck looking forward at the nasty garbage,

that I miss the beautiful shooting star that’s above me.

The clock clicks constantly,

and each second past turns into another regret.

I begin to feel the time trap encase me.

Until each star is looked upon with true awe—

I will be stuck.

To shatter this pitiful trap,

I must break from my roots.

Roots buried beneath the tree,

that I’ve leaned on for strength

year after year.


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