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  • Marisa Bobal


Talking small

Living inconspicuous

Small differences

Subtle stances

The bow in her hair

The color of his laces

A name on a shirt

A sign at places

How would the They know

How could They comprehend

The semicolon in her book

The lavender on his bracelet

But They don’t need to know

They aren’t meant to comprehend

The semicolon is not for Them

The lavender is not meant to bend

But We know--

I know

And that is Who

it is meant for

Not judgemental glares

Or critical stares

No binding rules here

Allegiance does not have to be stark

It is not meant for all eyes

But for those who grasp the subtleties

Those deserve to feel alive

Gilded lies they tell us

Goals still unmet

Broken by silent bonds

Built by silent Men

Semicolon - A symbol of suicide awareness and depression. It means that the sentence (life) could have ended but it continues on. There is no period, thus the sentence never truly ends. It is a symbol of survivors.

Lavender - Among other things such as cancer awareness, it is known as a representation of the LGBTQ+ community. More subtle than the rainbow flag that they are now associated with, lavender was a symbol for homosexuals since the 1920’s.



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