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  • Marisa Bobal


I appreciate the croons of Frank Sinatra

or the clashes of Phil Collins

A fine aged Italian meat

or Chicken Nuggets off the Kid’s Menu

Yesterday I was talkative but today I remain pensive

Those who devalue others opinions aggravate me

As much as those Sinners who leave drawers open

A small chuckle for a simple pun

And a rolling over dark humor

Show me a melancholy video and I will be a wreck

But tell me you have cancer and you get solemn sympathy

An hour getting dressed on Tuesday

But today I went to school in pajamas

An advocate of self acceptance

Yet the concept is foreign to me

Taking days off to galavant the city

While pushing through school with migraines

Concrete subjects come easy but

I find no beauty in logarithms.



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