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  • Hannah Cruz


You’re gemming to me.

That sacred smile of Sapphire and Sphene shines brilliantly,

illuminating my tenebrous heart.

Getting lost in the mystic Smoky Quartz of your eyes

disperses all the doubtful thoughts from my worrying mind.

The luster from the Garnet on your lips

blinds all uncertainty with desire.

Honesty is habitual and skeletons don’t live in the closets

of our home built from transparent Rubies.

You showed me the strength of Diamonds

when I felt as broken as shattered glass.

The Oppenheimer Blue is my promise to you.

Cherishing every priceless hour in your arms,

I live luxuriously with your scent in my sheets.

With you, I’m admirably affluent.

You glisten and gleam specifically for me,

my precious Painite.

Delicately and uniquely my own.


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