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  • Garrett Aadal

Baby Blue.

I am the unkept waves

crashing at every edge of land,

over and over

until the end of time.

I am the Twitter bird

that harbours opinions;

popular and unpopular,

after a day of debate.

I am the bedsheets that welcome you with open arms

after a day of surprises, miracles, and tragedies.

I am the blueberry swirl you can’t wait to try,

but I am the shark that pounces

when its boundaries are crossed.

I’m your old iPod

stuffed with nostalgia

that calls back to Sunday mornings

at Grandma’s house.

I am everyone’s favorite gatorade,

slept on

but loved

when discovered.

I am the baby blue sky everyone thinks they see;

but only a select few stay awake to see my true colors.

I am the carpet that welcomes new feet,

and I am the sea

that borders every mass of humanity,

waiting to welcome the next wave or surfers.

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