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  • Priscilla Alonzo

Different Types of Tears

*Robin Williams: A well known and loved american actor and comedian who struggled with depression and committed suicide in 2014 by hanging himself.

I saw you on the screen of the bulky box

in the center of my four walls when I was small.

My pigtails would sway around like a willow tree among gusting winds

when you would become someone else with your voice.

How your face would wrinkle like folding paper when you smiled.

But something I was too young to comprehend

was what was behind that smile we loved.

I wish I understood

the way I understand now.

How you milked every last ounce of your happiness

to give to us.

Was there something we missed?

What could we have done differently?

You brought us joy

and didn't stop until our heads were so red,

that our tears wanted to be witness to us

gasping for air.

You didn't stop until your face was so red,

Tears couldn't help but stream like a eviction


gasping for air.

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