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  • Wendy Lopez


When you unlock that sliding door, you open yourself up to a world of nature.

A burnt-orange beck appears under your feet.

Dirt brown footsteps left over from past travelers.

Make your way down some loosened wooden steps,

come across a brick path full of ant hills.

Holes that were dug up by a pup can be seen across the dead grass.

Further back is a rotting stump between two living trees.

A rainbow hammock hangs between these two living trees.

On the right, a round white table stands alone with old,

rotted leaves glued onto it.

Near it, an apple tree which never grew any apples.

Poison ivy crawls up a stone wall. Through a silver gate is a small, dead field. Once full of bright red tomatoes.

A round pool with a sunken green pool cover frozen with leaves.

Dead at the moment,

but in the summer with the hot, burning sun it is the most loved.

The bright blue water.

A whale floatie and pink and yellow noodles. Kids jump in.

At night, under the twinkling sky

and cool humid air,

You sit around it and talk about future plans and past regrets.

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