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  • Jessica Booher

She Had It Coming

She walks around in her tight, bright yellow shirt.

It hangs off her shoulder like a curtain draped over a window.

She strolls with confidence and beaming beauty.

Yet the tight shirt shows imperfections that she once had.

Boys couldn't help but stare.

That's the thing-

They can help it.

She should have seen it coming they whispered

roaming the halls in shock.

The clothes we wear,

or the skin we show-

These are not a pass for boys to stare or take advantage

of our beauty.

When will we stop saying she had it coming?

When will we start pointing fingers at the men who stare at skin

like a bull staring at a red sheet.

She should have known

yellow would distract boys

and the skin she showed

had it coming.

Man, if only he knew what he has coming.

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