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  • Edgardo Palacios Bonilla

I am a Rock

I am as strong as a rock

With hidden emotions

My emotions fight to be heard

But with no success, they remain hidden.

I was an innocent one year old full of life and joy

Suddenly my life changed forever

My father was gone

Breathless like a rock.

After all the coping

A seed of life was left behind

My baby sister was born

We were now a family of 4 once again.

A month passed by and once again I became as strong as a rock

Suddenly after one month of life

God called this time for the innocent baby

My heart was a lump of coal.

I was only 2 years old and suffered a loss for the third time

As innocent as a baby

My mother left the country

I was raised and cared for by my grandmother.

After 13 long years my brother and i reunited with my mother, aunt, uncle and cousins

We had a new life with new beginnings ahead of us in the USA

When suddenly once again my life was changed forever

I lost the person most closest to me, my dear brother

I am as strong as a rock!

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