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  • Paige Tortorice

I Spy

When I was younger, I'd pretend I was a spy. Saving lives, shooting lazers out of my Polly Pocket watch, and pretending my animals could talk. My greatest mission came out of the blue one day. I was relaxing in my headquarters, playing my Nintendo DS, when I heard yelling.

So I ran out of the house, with my stuffed puppy in hand, and into the car with my sister.

My parents fought endlessly. My mother would slip into the car and we would race away. I pretended I was in a car chase zooming from the bad guy, who was still screaming.

When we got to my cousin’s house, I took out my equipement. My cousin and sister joined my club and we played nonstop. We didn't go home that night so I had more time to save more lives enhance the lazers in my watch, and find new animals to talk with.

We didn't go home the next night either.

That mission was soon complete but there were only more to come. More visits from the bad guy. More nights away from home. More trying to save the world. And I played for a lot longer as I grew up. Saving people, then hoping one of them would return the favor.

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