• Nosheib Jadoon


A girl sitting at her desk in a room

Four sided white squares

With papers everywhere

My life focused on nothing but work

Highlighted phrases and underlined words

A paper cup and paper plate beside me

Crumbs on my shirt that refuse to get off

Droplets of water on my jeans that refuse to evaporate

Just as I refuse to get out of my room

Friends invite me places

But I decline constantly

The never ending stacks of papers

The unaccomplished tasks due yesterday

There's a world out there that we should see

But "I" doesn't listen

As weeks pass by

Tired of the monotonous routine

"I" can't free herself

I'm stuck

There's a world out there that we should see

Maybe there's a world to see

Maybe I am missing out

In a part of my my life but,

I haven't found the key

To the shackles of my mind

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