• Laura Altieri

A Painted Sky

The sky broke loose like a firework,

emitting streaks of white clouds mixed in with fiery

reds, oranges, and yellows.

Heavenly blue contrasts these colors,

enhancing the beauty of the explosion in the sky.

A chilly December day, you feel the breeze that comes with

the sound on your cheeks.

There is no way

to distinguish between the sky and its reflection in the water.

The careful details are hardly rippled by the still sound.

Feeling the rocky sand underneath your boots, the shoreline in the distance is

a harsh black, emphasizing the uniqueness of

nature’s painting both above and below it.

The intricate image in front of

you surrounds you with company.

Though you are alone, you are in the company

of those in a similar position to yours.

Staring out at an artist’s palette

in hopes of washing your blank canvas with

its paint.

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