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Mariela Suarez


The screeching sound of the T.V blared into the night

I bolted from my couch, my comfortable couch, as this noise woke me with a fright

The T.V was blank and dull

But at least this time, worthless shows weren't seeping into my brother's skull

I walked slowly, around the T.V, as the white noise still blared

The hypnotic screen continued and I still stared

I clicked the button, but it wouldn't turn off

Clickity-Click but it wouldn't stop, I threw out my efforts and let out a scoff

It was barely sunrise, but the sky was still filled with light colors

With curiosity I went outside, unusually hot with not even a shudder

I stepped on wet grass, my toes covered in dew

I zipped through my yard, the only thing I noticed was my flowers grew

Nature was more a home to me then the building itself

I guess I could be thought as a Buddhist, I was one with myself

The internet bored me, the T.V shows were talk of nonsense

So when the static came I joyously leaped over the fence

The joy of not having those brain washing mechanics

Filled me to the tippy top of my head, I was the only one who did not panic

The streets were filled with angry adults

And even my parents tried to fix the problem with nuts and bolts

Children were crying. and it bothered me so

The distraught and worry about their poor T.Vs showed

How could people be so ignorant and not love the natural world?

I knew I did as for the most time I danced and twirled

In anything, lakes, rivers and ponds as long as it was nature

It consisted of adventures in the woods and nightly walks with no danger

The real danger was, that illuminated bright screen

That people called "entertainment" and if it got taken away kids would cause a scene

But now it was finally gone, this wonderful wonderful static

That shut down the technology that turned people like crack addicts

I skipped through the gloomy grey crowd

That had people screaming words that were honestly loud

But I didn't care nor hear what those words said

I noticed that the townspeople ganged together, have they lost their heads?

Was there really a riot for a box with a cover

There was things such as grass marshes and dusty trails to discover

Or watch the colorful horizon drain with color to kill time

A world without T.V would be a gift and trust me you'll be just fine

The air was rich with winter jasmine and cold

The riot all over town didn't die down, the static still wasn't old

It was still a pleasure to me of course as I spent my days outside

The children wept and my thanks to the static were not put aside

My feet trenched through the mud and they left small tainted prints

The moss covered log was not in my vision, as I started to sprint

The impact to my face caused everything to go starry and black

But when I woke I was in my room with all my clothes still stacked

As it was before, before the static came, was it a dream? I wasn't sure

The feel of nervousness in my stomach started to stir

But then in that sudden moment, I heard the horrid noise I dread

The sound of the roaring T.V, I felt a rush of dizziness to my head

I sobbed into my sheets as I realized it was all a dream

The static was real I thought, at least that's what it seemed

In the background all I could hear was the sound of a boring talk show

And the fact that it was still here was a terrible blow

But maybe that's how the world works nowadays

It goes through multiple changes and occasionally a phase.

So maybe this technology era will pass

But for now it'll be just me, sitting and loving nature in the grass

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