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Danielle Raynor


I live a life

That lives

And breathes

In the lines

Of poems.

My life

Flows to every lyric

In any and every songs

That hits my heart.

My blood pumps

Through vessels

Of metaphors.

Each fiber

Of my hair

Strings together

The words

That at times

Are unable to part

My lips.

These lyrics and prose,

And quotations,

Are my life.

They speak

For me.

Emancipate Yourself

It's time to purge


of the poison



into your liver.

The very organ

that's meant to cleanse,

the very blood

that supplies nutrients

to your brain,

Is dormant.

You have become a slave

in which you have willingly-

shackled your own hands,

Stop forcing yourself,

to reflect what society-

wants you-

to be.

Allow the oxygen rich

blood to flow into the regenerative

membrane that is your liver.

Amputate the toxic

section of your liver

that is consuming your life.

Teach yourself-

to feed your mind,

with love and self-acceptance.

Only you,

can free,


from mental slavery.

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