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Tanina Oukacine

The Trip

Millions of people love traveling to breathtaking places around the world. It is always exciting and amazing to visit new places. There are so many beautiful sites in the world that one must take advantage to see them all. Although the destination is overwhelming and intriguing, the journey can be worse than hell.

Once upon a time, a twenty year old woman was traveling to her favorite destination, London, England. She was ecstatic to go, but soon realized what was coming her way was definitely not worth the trip. She had started the day by having her alarm clock not ring, waking up at nine twenty and having having her flight departure at ten o’clock. Already knowing it was going to be a terrible day, she rushed to the airport trying to catch her flight. Arriving at JFK airport at nine forty, she was desperately running to make her plane. She had reached the baggage checkout, ready to hand her bags to the airline but they told her she had exceeded the luggage weight limit by one pound. The luggage had to be fifty pounds but she carried a luggage with fifty one pounds. She tried explaining to the luggage drop off woman that she was in a hurry and could desperately use a favor by letting the one pound slide.The airline woman refused to take her bags until she took one pound off. Desperately trying to unlock her luggage, ripping it apart, she took whatever clothes she reached first and shoved it in her purse. The woman finally took the bags and she was off to security. Of course when she reached security the lines were longer than the ones at Disney world. She begged someone to let her cut them and fortunately they said “Sure, no problem.” She reached the front of the line and as she passed the body scanner the alarm went off like crazy. The security guard had asked her to step to the side so they could investigate what had just occurred. As the security guard frisked her from head to toe he noticed a box of matches in her pocket. The security guard alerted the airport police and many people though she was a suspected terrorist. All you heard in the background was the screaming of security and you could see them dashing their way to the woman with plenty of dangerous weapons and loud barking dogs. She was escorted to the questioning room where she explained that it was just a simple misunderstanding and that she had just forgotten to take the matches out of her pocket. Security did a background check on her and the results came out with negative evidence of her being a terrorist. She had to pay a big fat fine but the airport let her go to the flight as long as she had supervision. Finally arriving to her flight on time, she thought to herself nothing could possibly get any worse. She had never been more wrong in her entire life. As she was tring to look for her seat she had realized her seat was in the middle of an old woman and an obese man. She could already see the flight was going to be a very, very, very long one. sitting between those two people was an absolutely dreadful experience for her. The man had half of his butt cheeks on her lap and was constantly farting. On her other side the elderly woman decided to take out her dentures and put it in the young womans soda. The elderly woman had said “The fizziness helps keep my teeth clean. You dont mind, right deary? You can still drink it when I am done.” Oh, how much the twenty year old wished she could just jump out of the plane. It was a long fourteen hours of pure torture but it finally ended when she reached London. By the time the flight landed, she exited the plane, vowing never to travel again under any circumstances.Coming off the plane she accidentally bumped into an extremely attractive British man who apologized for knocking all her out of her nad. Her luggage ripped open and her entire wardrobe, yes even her undergarments were exposed and scattered all over the floor. She was so embarrassed that her entire face turned as red as a rose. The man helped her pick up all of clothing and was fascinated to see that she had an American accent. He asked her where she was from and she replied “New York City.” The man was very interested in the woman and asked her out for some tea. It please her to actually obtain some good luck after her never ending nightmare.

Although many things did not go in her favor at the beginning, she had a good ending. She figured maybe travelling is not so bad after all. Where there are always ups and downs in life there will always be a happier moment that is our great ending to a similar story just like this one.

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