• Xanadu Literary Magazine

Nick Cirillo


Because of you

things have become clear.

It is clear why praying mantises eat their mates head.

It is clear why the husband is the main suspect in his wife’s murder.

It is clear why Dahmer ate the flesh and kept the skulls of his victims.

When I am with you

I can sympathize with the bugs, Dahmers, and OJ Simpsons of the world.

I can understand the fear and the mania that comes from love.

But I love you more.

More than the insect loves her husband or the murderer his victim.

I love you more than the whore Van Gogh cut his ear off for.

For you I would cut off both ears and a nose

every digit on every limb.

I would collect all of your chewed gum to make into a shrine.

I would kill you and bury your body with a seed in hopes that a tree sprouts

and the apples that grow can be made from bits of you

and when I eat the apples I can be made from bits of you.

You can be my skin and eyes

my fingers and toes.

We can be together forever

until the sun explodes.

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