• Xanadu Literary Magazine

Natalie Migliore


Step back from this mess

turn toward the sunshine.

The storm only exists in the pounding of your head

and the beating of your heart.

You’re stronger than you think,

but the door will slam if you give up.

The mind conquers the muscles.

Closing the door and blinding yourself

is like driving in the rain with no windshield wipers.

You can’t let the splintered water take control.

You can only dive deeper and haul your way back to shore.

Toes in the sand and heart on your sleeve

I’ll never belittle your emotions.

The peace of the ocean and the calm of the night

can only rope in silky seaweed to brush against your ankles

as you screech in surprise and begin to laugh at the silly fear.

Pain is not your only option, it’s never an option.

The world offers so much more than what you’re feeling now.

And although I am you and you is me

I am finally at a self proclaimed peace.

I was waiting for life to come together

and with good time the sun does shine

but only I could bear the weather.


The door is ricocheting off its hinges,

the splintering wood could only hurt me if

I try to close it.

Oddly enough the door slams shut on its own

And I don’t have the power to suppress it.

I didn’t see the storms coming from afar

with no expectation of the door closing and

no window in sight,

I’m stuck in this shoe box for a room

Only to realize this shoe box is my mind.

The clutter blocks the windows

and the hurricane creates a buzzing in my eardrum

wrapping around my skull like a vine of thorns

that continues to grow tighter as the storm gets worse.

The rush of the ocean blinds me

as the blue flames burn me

and the calm has turned to a boiling rage.

I’ve only just begun to fear what nature started

trying to survive the treacherous waist high sea

filled with splintered wood that was once the door.

Thinking it would bring me freedom

only to make its way up to my neck

threatening to take me under.

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