• Xanadu Literary Magazine

Matt Schindler

Show and Tell

I finally decided how.

I was nervous. Palms as sweaty

as the avid weightlifter. I knew

he didn’t want to show but deep

down wanted to tell. Something was

holding him back as if he was

locked in a cage.

Sacrifice is as risky as cheating

on a major exam.

There are only two outcomes;

it works or it doesn’t

That’s what I was afraid of. I stood up for him

and put myself out there in front of

his class to tell what he resisted to show.

Standing as tall as an NBA center I knew

I did what was right, even if it meant possible

consequences between me and him

He forgave me for saving his life

He was as depressed as a black unwatered

rotten flower, but I had been there before.

As I have much improved like a benchwarmer

who becomes a starter I knew I had to help.

I was his key and I freed him from his cage.

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