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Inpreet Rattu and Miles Lewis

Who You Think I Am Inpreet: I am a woman. Miles: I am a man. I am not who you say I am. I have skin. Just like you. Mine is not yours, for you are you. Don't label me with your stereotypes. I'll change your views in just one night. I am a dancer and a musician. just take a second, sit tight and listen. Two people joined by an unlikely fate. would never be allowed to date. The reason being I'm not like you. They had perceptions that were not true. I was born this way it's not my fault.

I wish they'd put their feeling at halt. They don't know me, they just know you. If they looked through my eyes they'd see the truth.

I have one hope and so do I to be together till' end of time. Through thick and thin night or day You should know we're here to stay. so open your eyes and look at me. this is no longer a mystery. I am a woman. I am a man I am not who you think I am.

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