• Colin O'Hara

Rain or Shine

Why are they the ones still left?

What made them hold on the longest?

Hanging on for dear life in fear of the bitter cold winter

auburn and brown, only so few left

just knowing they would fall in no time.

Soon, they will rot and decay

to fill the space left from the last ones,

bringing life and beauty back into the air.

However, none will ever be the same as the previous.

Some bigger, some smaller, different color, different


I try my hardest to hold on

but like the leaves, I can’t stay forever.

You’ll push me down,

break and tear me apart,

leaving me to decompose

into the next life.

It doesn’t work like that.

No one else is the same or will ever be you.

I can’t come back to life.

I can’t bring happiness to anyone

but you.

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