• Shayna Greene


Be the grilled cheese

I look forward to eating

after life throws physics tests

and human inconsideration

at my left ear

like a deafening curve ball.

Be the oversized t-shirt

that consoles me every night

via cotton compassion

and sleeveless judgment.

Be a more politically correct version

of all the Disney movies

that enchanted my heart.

When pigtails were a no-brainer

and a tank top was just a tank top,

be the baby fat

that once kept me warm.

Now that the tooth fairy

has retired to Boca,

be the silver lining on my inner thighs

that coconut oil

and body capitalism

never seem to fade.

I’m talking to you,

the one in the mirror.

You, who are so confident.

You- so vulnerable,

so goofy and sharp,

young and aged.

Be my best friend.

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