• Shayna Greene

Not a Dream

I was hopping from rooftop to rooftop.

I was surfing on the sun’s rays.

I was sipping tea underwater.

I was leading a rebellion.

You were getting reinforcements.

You were hunting for golden eggs.

You were rounding up the stars.

You were very busy.

We watch movies

about boys on brooms

and ancient creatures terrorizing Japan.

We’ve seen a ring control a hobbit.

We’ve seen an empire strike back.

We found worlds in wardrobes.

We’ve sung along with ambitious genies

and talking dragons.

We’ve sailed on the Black Pearl.

We’ve run away to Neverland.

But now that we’ve found Nemo,

opened the dead man’s chest,

and rubbed the lamp,

I am content with laying here

in your arms,

continuing our own

quiet adventure.

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