• Olivia Perez

Caution- Yield to Time

Your warm, yet delicate soft hand

Wrapped tightly around my finger

Little, and skirmish you have become

From the lavish cardboard castles you create within a day

Decorated with your tender giggles and smiles

To the enchanting fairy tales

With ghastly fire breathing dragons and princesses galore

That form inside your untouched mind

You see the disgusting days that are filled with pure gray

As cascading mountains with magnificent shades of gold

Held together with a tiny hint of lilac

The future and the past

Have become simply invisible to you

Like your imaginary friend is entirely invisible to me

You are filled with an innocence that will become unknown

That was pure to time

Which was unknown to you as well

Brutal time however isn’t pure with you

Like you are to the wild flowers

Draped softly around your smooth hair

The essence of your glamourous cardboard castles

And the stories you tell with such a passionate enthuse

As you sheepishly grin from ear to ear

Will one day become faint and a distance dream

The flowers will wilt, the castles will alter

And your story filled with the enchantment of your being

Will turn into a story transcribed with a black and white font

Covered with the disgusting undertone of grey

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