Peasant's Love for The Prince

I know you don’t deserve me,

You deserve a princess filled with grace.

Not a clumsy, average girl,

With flaws smothering her face.

You deserve a girl with shining eyes,

A girl with silky hair.

A girl who, with one glance at,

Will take away all of your air.

I know you don’t deserve me,

I am not skilled, nor am I pretty.

I don’t wear things that are shiny.

I am a small town in a world of bright cities.

I won’t play the piano with elegance,

Or dance without tripping on your toes,

But I can assure you, I will love you,

No matter where you go.

I am just an average girl,

I am not compared to a dove.

I am just an average girl,

A girl who knows how to love

(and I hope that is enough).

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