• Quinn Cortese

The Record

You were always fascinated by them. The couple printed on the label of your favorite record. She was dressed in a gown that looked like someone reached up and tore the sunset right out of the sky and draped it perfectly around her. The light orange a stark contrast to her long dark hair that was resting on her shoulder in a simple braid. He was dressed in a simple suit with a tie to match her dress. His blonde hair was a mess of curls and fell in front of his eyes, but even the golden strands couldn’t hide how he was staring at her. You could tell he was infatuated by her, his piercing blue eyes crinkling at the edges as he looked at her.

You placed the needle on the record and carried on with what you were doing before you took the record out. When you returned you noticed a piece of dust on the record and tried to brush it off to no avail. You sat on the ground so you were eyelevel with the record and could watch it move as if it was laying on the ocean. Upon closer inspection of the dust you noticed that it was not dust at all but a small hand almost the size of the needle that was producing the music filling your room.

The hand came from the man and you watched in amazement as he pulled himself out of the label and dusted off his suit. Once he was satisfied with his appearance he turned around and offered his hand to the woman who was still within the label. His larger hand enveloped her delicate one and he carefully pulled her out. She smiled shyly at him and his smile grew large, his blue eyes crinkling even more. In awe, you watched as he carefully reached out and touched the end of her braid and twirled it around his fingers. He offered her his hand and she smiled as she placed her hand in his. Although you could not hear it, she let out a laugh as he pulled her into him and they began to waltz around the spinning record.

They danced as if it was second nature and it appeared as if they fit perfectly together. He looked at her as if he was trying to memorize everything about her, his eyes filling with love and her eyes mirroring his. You were amazed by how elegantly they danced, as if it was just like walking for them. You were given the feeling that it was only so elegant because of the pair dancing. They were made for each other and it was shown through their movements.

As the final song came to an end the man pulled a dandelion out of his pocket and offered it to his love, who was now blushing furiously looking down at her feet. She took the dandelion from his hand and his blue eyes sparkled as he reached his hand out and began to play with her braid once again before pulling her close to him and placing a kiss on her forehead.

When the needle picked up they made their way back to the label hand in hand and miraculously he carefully climbed back in before reaching out, making sure she made it in safely. You picked up the record and looked at the label once again. The couple looked identical to how they stood when you first placed the needle on their dance floor.

But now the girl had small dandelions placed throughout her hair.


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