To Balloon

To Balloon

There are two ways to balloon.

The dangerous way. Rise and grow ambitiously—yet directionless.

That is until you feel light-headed and overexerted.


You fall…fall…fall helplessly back

to earth as a stretched rubber carcass.

It’s a lonely world at the


Forget the rest,

give them your uncommitted tail.

End all relationships with the break

of a thin, white thread.

Or, you stay small.

And soar mediocrely. No need to see the stars

so closely. But, instead, remain content

among the chirping birds and scratchy branches.

Hold tight to the thread that binds you.

When you wander at this level,

consider the sacrifices—

no plush clouds, no limit-less freedom,

no metaphysical experience—

and embrace them.

Balloon wisely. Yes, explore the peaks of the earth’s Himalayas.

But, do not forget to return to the mother who brought life to you at Party City.

Do not selfishly take in air just to abuse

yourself to a suffocating volume.

The body and mind

can only take a certain threshold of toxins.

Be cautious as you rise,

always fear the pop…

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