• Gaby Ramirez

How Do You Fall?

Falling can be scary, pleasurable, or even relaxing.

Each of us fall in a variety of ways.

Many fall down stairs some time in their life,

Others, in folly, fall up stairs.

Some are too feeble and fall to submission.

This fall may result in more bruises

than a fall down stairs.

Yet, some fall to sleep

anxiously, pacifically, or dreamily.

They fall deeper than a plunge in water.

The gay fall in step with the music.

One step, two step,

turn, glide…

…and the patriotic fall into a rigid march

alongside other military comrades.

Left. Left. Left, right, left…

Then there are those who can’t seem to forget

the waterfalls of oranges, reds, and yellows.

A season that opens by commemorating the fall

of the Native Hispanics, interrupted by extra time,

and closes with the death of gobblers.

In the midst of all this falling,

there are people like me

who fall in the most beautiful manner.

We are people who have fallen,

are still falling,

or will fall

in love.

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