Rena Shipiro

My bedside table serves you up like a dish on a platter--

A sight for consumption

With a side of

Guilt that I keep you here. What

If you don’t want to stay? You’ll have to tap on the glass

Loudly enough so I don’t

Look straight ahead and ignore the blurred anterior of 

This cage. It’s false.

My false hope for 

An endless moment with you at my side

Shatters the glass when I’ve noticed its uncontainable 

Passing in front of my eyes is

My greatest fallacy.

I’m a fool, I’m mortal, I’m

Vulnerable with you whenever you float around me.

Fickle is this memory I attain with your face at its center

Light ablaze, flickering so clearly at night like your laughter,

And intoxicatingly warm.

I hope your brilliance carries,

I hope your wings stay strong even 

When other winds carry you away to other gardens.

Lovely firefly, I don’t want to imprison you;

I just want your glow to illuminate my hollow face for all of 


I don’t want to be